Brad Kingsley and OW

Brad Kingsley is someone I’ve known casually for a few years now. He is a member of a group I helped establish called ASPInsiders, and is the founder and president of OrcsWeb, which happens to be a web hosting company I use for both personal and professional sites.

I’m not writing this to flak OrcsWeb, although I certainly think anyone considering hosting options should look at them as one of their options. Rather, I wanted to point folks to Brad’s new blog:

It’s early yet, since he just started it yesterday, but I think one of his first posts, entitled “Data Transfers: Why GB/month?” is a promising start, and makes me think that Brad’s blog could be very interesting for folks who want to understand more about the hosting industry, and why web hosts do things the way they do. Brad’s been at this hosting thing for a good long while, and OW has long encouraged their staff to write articles with helpful info for their customers, so I think his insights should be very useful. Brad’s also been a longtime supporter of the ASP.NET developer community, so I’m glad to see him continuing this contribution through another avenue.

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