Take a look at the video here, and see if you don't think this is potentially one of the most revolutionary things to happen to music in...I don't know...forever:

Direct Note Access is a technology that makes the impossible possible: for the first time in audio recording history you can identify and edit individual notes within polyphonic audio material. The unique access that Melodyne affords to pitch, timing, note lengths and other parameters of melodic notes will now also be afforded to individual notes within chords.

See our video above, read how Direct Note Access will change your music, find out when it will be available and how you can benefit as a registered Melodyne user, get your questions answered – and look forward with us to the realization of the impossible!

Looks like it's going to be pretty pricey, but if it does what they're showing in the video, I have no doubt lots of people will line up to pay for it. Wow.

Thanks, Glen, for pointing this out.

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