Free Full-day Developer Security class - Washington, DC

Microsoft Security Guidance Training for Developers
This one-day instructor-led clinic provides students with knowledge and skills essential for the creation of applications with enhanced security. Students will learn about the need for implementing security at every stage of the development process and best practices for applying security principles. Students will also learn how to use established threat modeling methodologies and tools with other best practices to minimize vulnerabilities and limit damage from attacks. Finally, students will learn how to implement security features to enhance security for Web applications and Web services that are built by using Microsoft® ASP.NET.

Attendees will be professional developers who are responsible for designing and developing applications, components, clients, or back-end data services written in Microsoft Visual Basic®, Microsoft Visual C++®, or C#.

At Clinic Completion
After completing this clinic, students will be able to: 

  • Understand the historical implications of Trustworthy Computing
  • Identify potentially hostile applications
  • Identify common types of attacks
  • Understand the consequences of poor security
  • Recognize examples of security intrusions
  • Identify challenges involved in implementing security
  • Understand the need for process improvement throughout the development process
  • Describe the security framework  
  • Understand the secure product development timeline
  • Describe the principles of designing with security in mind
  • Understand the importance of data security
  • Identify threat scenarios
  • Target who we are defending against
  • Describe common types of attacks
  • Describe Microsoft .NET Framework security features
  • Explain how code access security works
  • Explain how role-based security works
  • Explain how to use cryptography to sign and verify data
  • Enhance security for ASP.NET Web applications
  • Enhance security for ASP.NET Web services
  • Apply appropriate tips for writing secure code with the .NET Framework

Before attending this clinic, students must have:

  • Development experience with Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, or C#
  • Experience building Microsoft Windows® or Web applications using the .NET Framework

Class ID# 302095

Tuesday, October 19, 2004 9:00AM - 5:00PM

This class will be held at:

5335 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20015

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