geekSpeak tomorrow

For those of you who attended one of my FAQ Friday webcasts last year, this should be a pretty familiar format:

Next geekSpeak - Custom Authentication Providers for SharePoint Server 2007 with Ron Rohlfs

For our next geekSpeak we'll address your questions on SharePoint customization, specifically around the area of authentication providers. Our guest will be Ron Rohlfs from InterKnowlogy.

Join us on Wednesday, August 15 at noon Pacific time (3 PM Eastern) and bring your questions for Ron! Register here.

As an added treat, I'll be co-hosting this geekSpeak with my colleague G. Andrew Duthie, since Lynn has a speaking engagement and can't make it. So even if you can't think of any Sharepoint questions, at least come to harass Andrew! :)

Since Glen was doing something similar to FAQ Fridays already, I decided that it made sense to join forces. I'll be co-hosting this week, and will be joining Glen, Lynn and other hosts for future events as well.

For those of you not familiar with either FAQ Fridays or geekSpeak, geekSpeak is basically a call-in show in webcast form. Each week we have a special expert guest and a couple of Microsoft hosts. Attendees can join a LiveMeeting webcast, and call in by phone to ask questions of the expert guest, and harass (Glen's word, not mine) the Microsoft hosts. It's a fun time, and educational, too!

So please sign up and join us tomorrow at 3pm EDT.

Pla.NET Southeast!