Get Gatineau Beta

The wraps are off, and Gatineau is here:

imageOur new web analytics service, code-named Gatineau, is open for beta.  In addition to all of the standard analytics features, Gatineau can correlate your web traffic data with our massive database of demographic information.  This allows you to slice your logs based on gender, age and other characteristics of your visitors.  The service is free.  You can sign up for the beta here.

If you want to see an excellent comprehensive overview the web analytics industry, check out this 50 minute presentation by Avinash Kaushik [via Ian Thomas blog].  Avinash covers all of the major companies, as well as some historical and technical details.

Note that signing up for the beta puts you in the queue for an invite...I'm not sure how many slots are available for this initial round, so please keep in mind that you may not get immediate access.

Joshua : Get Gatineau Beta : MIX Online