Halo 3 Online Manual

This is pretty cool.

I like the idea of an online version of a game manual. Not that anyone would ever sell their copy of Halo 3 once they get it, but one irritation I've had when buying pre-played games is that often they don't have the original manual. Having one online would mean not having to puzzle out the controls by trial and error, which is sometimes frustrating.

I should have my copy tomorrow...looking forward to it, especially since it will be the first new game I've gotten since going 1080p.

Speaking of which...if anyone ever tells you that you can't get 1080p on the XBOX 360 without HDMI, they're full of it. I've got mine running at 1080p over the component cables, and you can do it over the VGA cable as well. Note that if you want 1080p for HD DVD content, you'll need to use the VGA cable for that, as the component output provides support for 1080p games, but not HD DVD. There's a helpful chart of which outputs support which resolutions here.

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