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Above the post update (08/20/2013): Although will remain the authoritative location for my blog, I've decided to post summaries of some posts here, for the folks who may still be keeping an eye on this blog. I've also updated the new blog with a clean, responsive theme that works great on mobile devices.



Yep, I've finally done it. This blog has moved to my domain, and this is the last item I'll be posting here on

As I noted before, if you already had (which previously just redirected here) bookmarked, you don't need to change anything. Likewise, if you subscribed to the feed at, then you don't need to change anything. If you didn't use either of those addresses, then please update your bookmarks and/or RSS reader to make sure you get all the latest and greatest from Devhammer's Den:

While the contact link here will continue to work for now, if you're looking to reach me, it's probably best to either follow me on twitter, or drop me a note from my new contact page.

See you at the Den!