Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek for Hire

OK, perhaps not for hire, since we (Microsoft) already pay him, but if you're hosting an event that's expected to draw a bunch of people, and you're looking for a speaker on Silverlight, you can get him for free:

I am available to talk at events world-wide (and especially nationwide) where I can talk to (ideally) a couple hundred developers about Silverlight Programming.

If I can work out the timing and the details, Microsoft will cover all expenses and fees.  I can give break out talks or intensive sessions (45 minutes to 3 hours) or even a crash course (two 3 hours sessions?) on Silverlight.  A typical session description might look like some variant on either of these:

Building Silverlight 1.0 Applications With Visual Studio 2008 and Javascript

Cover the fundamentals of building Rich Internet Applications with Silverlight 1.0 and Visual Studio 2008. Topics covered will include an introduction to Silverlight, Understanding XAML, Layout, Manipulating shapes and text, brushes, transformations, creating controls, events, Silverlight and HTML exposing managed APIs to JavaScript.

Building Rich Internet Applications Using .NET

Describe the latest Silverlight release, and will show how the CLR subset allows you to build RIAs with managed code. Topics covered XAML, layout, shapes, controls, brushes and transforms, event handling, interaction with ASP.NET, retrieving Data through LINQ, and animation. Advanced topics include the File Open dialog, HTTP Network Access, Web Services and Isolated Storage and the latest controls available with Silverlight 1.x

Free's quite a nice price, so be sure to ping Jesse if you're looking for a speaker.

Available to Present on Silverlight - Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek