Kickin' It Old School on Xbox LIVE Arcade

My colleague Brian Johnson has a neat article on

Sometimes, I wonder what it must be like to be a kid nowadays. In a world where electronics dominate, do kids know about games and technologies that preceded the high resolution games of today? I did some digging. Are my kids really that far removed from what we parents today call "Old School"?

Kids get a lot of exposure to classic technology through older movies and television shows. But I was a little surprised to find out they were all familiar with pinball. They told me they've even played actual pinball machines before. Where? Apparently they found them in the break rooms in different places I've worked at Microsoft.

I can definitely identify with the wondering about how it is for kids these days. My oldest is still too young for a cell phone, but he's always clamoring to play "tv games" as he calls them...his favorites are the Cars racing game on the 360 (or any racing game, for that matter), and Paper Mario and Wii Sports on the Wii.

Fortunately for me, he's also still young enough that he doesn't kick my butt in the games, but I'm guessing that won't last long at all now.

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