Lasik Today

So my LASIK procedure is in a couple of hours. At noon today, I'll be getting the procedure done, then I'm supposed to nap for 4-5 hours. Always nice to have a nap mandated by your doctor.

I'm having my surgery performed by the same surgeon who did Tiger Woods. What's funny, though, is that at the doctor's request, I saw a retinal specialist earlier in the week to get clearance for LASIK because of a retinal condition (central serous retinopathy or CSR). In addition to clearing me for the surgery, he specifically pooh-poohed the fact that my doctor did Tiger Woods' surgery is a good reason to choose that surgeon.

Rather, he said, the reason I should be happy with my choice of doctors is that two of his partners went to the same surgeon. I guess he has a point...when you're talking about people who not only need great vision in their work, but who are eye doctors themselves, that's a pretty strong recommendation.

I'm guessing that I probably won't feel much like looking at a computer later today, so I'll post sometime over the weekend with a post-surgery follow-up. Wish me luck!

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