Lessons Learned Links for CapArea.NET Silverlight SIG

Thanks to all who came out for the CapArea.NET Silverlight SIG last night. Thankfully, despite some transportation challenges, Frank was able to make it, too.

As promised, here are the links from my Lessons Learned presentation:

Slide Deck and Demo Code

Bing Silverlight Map Control CTP

Understanding z-index in Silverlight

Debugging ADO.NET Data Services

Hope everyone enjoyed the talk as much as I enjoyed giving it. And mark your calendars for one of the upcoming Mid-Atlantic MSDN Roadshows, which will cover building Rich Internet Applications with Silverlight 3 and Blend 3, architectural choices such as Prism and MVVM, and .NET RIA Services:

8/19 – Baltimore, MD

8/20 – Washington, DC (Chevy Chase, MD)

9/10 – Roanoke, VA

9/21 – Allentown, PA

9/22 – Malvern, PA

9/25 – Norfolk, VA

9/29 – Harrisburg, PA