Light Up your App on Windows 7, and Get your App in the Spotlight

CNET and Windows 7 are partnering to provide developers an opportunity to have their application showcased by Microsoft and CNET, simply by making your application light up on Windows 7 with one of 13 qualifying features, from Multitouch, to Location, to Jumplists, and even IE9 Pinned Sites (which, BTW, I show how to implement in my recently-posted DevNugget).

All you need to do is follow the rules here:

and follow the steps to add at least one qualifying feature and submit your application by December 6th.

This is a great opportunity to drive awareness of your application, and many of these features are easy to implement (CNET provides links to resources here), so if you are an ISV or independent developer and want more attention and downloads for your application, check out this promotion!