Live Mesh : Expanded Live Mesh for Mobile CTP

Want to try Windows Live Mesh for mobile? Now you can…

From the Live Mesh blog:

The recent service update to Live Mesh addresses many of the issues users reported since we opened the Mobile CTP on Oct 30.

With the release of the updated Live Mesh for Mobile version 0.9.3424.9, we are expanding the CTP to more users. We are also lifting the country restrictions on access to the CTP – it is now open to all countries. [Access through a 3G network is recommended for a great experience.]

Since there is limited room in the expanded CTP, hurry on to to add your Windows Mobile 6.x phone to your mesh. [Clicking this link will grant access to your Live ID for adding a WM phone to the mesh and redirect you to the device ring, where you can click “+” to see how to “Use Live Mesh for mobile devices”.]

I’ve been using it for a couple of days, and it’s pretty cool. My favorite use is that I can have it auto-sync phone pics. So I snap a picture with my HTC Fuze, and it automatically ends up on any machine configured to sync that folder. Pretty cool.

Live Mesh : Expanded Live Mesh for Mobile CTP