Mid-Atlantic User Group Portal

Some time ago, I had, in cooperation with some folks in the developer community, started up a simple portal site for user group information at ugmidatlantic.com.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, when the domain came up for renewal, it did not get renewed, and a domain poacher snapped it up. It's now come to my attention that that domain now points to pornographic content, which makes the situation even worse.

So I wanted to do three things with this post:

  1. Warn folks who might visit that URL that it's no longer the Mid-Atlantic User Group Portal, but rather something very different.
  2. Ask that anyone in the community who runs a web site or blog please check your links and ensure that if you are linking to ugmidatlantic.com, you remove those links.
  3. Apologize to anyone who accidentally ran into the new content and was offended or ran afoul of their corporate network policies.