New Windows 7 Blog Series

Denny Boynton, a fellow Microsoft Evangelist, has started a new blog series on Windows 7 that looks interesting, starting with a post on locking down which apps can be installed on your PC:

I’ve been running Windows 7 Beta on all of my machines, work and personal, for about seven weeks now and have really been loving it. There are so many great new features and capabilities in Windows 7, I’ve decided to do a post each Friday on one new feature of Windows 7 until, well, I run out of things to post about. I’m calling this series Windows 7 Friday. Cool and original name, eh?

For this first post, I’m going to show you how to use an application called AppLocker to keep unwanted malware off your computer. Note: You’ll need to have administrative rights on your Windows 7 machine to use the AppLocker application, really since this is actual administrative work!

Put Your PC On Lock-Down
If you have kids and they use the family PC on a pretty regular basis, you’ve no doubt had to deal with malware getting installed on your machine and the scavenger hunt that ensues afterward as you try and locate it. No matter how many times you tell kids to be careful, they just can resist the shiny “Click Me and You’ll Have Good Luck for Sever Years” buttons that appear all over the social networking sites they like to visit. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give them the ability to install software of which you approve while keeping them from loading up junk inadvertently?

Enter AppLocker. Basically, AppLocker lets you set policies for certain users or groups on your Windows 7 PC and define specifically what types of applications they can and cannot install.

Read the whole post for the rest of the story…

Windows 7 Friday: Locking Down and Protecting Your Computer With AppLocker