Next geekSpeak: Shawn Wildermuth

Glen Gordon has Shawn Wildermuth lined up for today's geekSpeak

For our last geekSpeak in June, we have the return of Shawn Wildermuth, who will be taking questions on a different aspect of Silverlight development. Shawn's going to discuss the implications of using Silverlight 2 in line-of-business applications. He'll show  consuming and changing database data from Silverlight 2. In addition, Shawn shares his opinion of where Silverlight 2 fits into the broader enterprise development spectrum, including intranet, extranet, and Internet development. This should be a fun geekSpeak with a more architectural spin. The hosts for this geekSpeak will be Glen Gordon and Chad Brooks.

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If you miss the live event, don't can find a list of the recorded webcasts here: