NoVa Code Camp 2007.02 Call for Speakers

Via Jeff Schoolcraft:

The next version of the NoVa Code Camp, 2007.02, happens Saturday November 17th, 2007 from 8a-6p at the Microsoft Office in Reston, VA.  We need speakers.

The tentative tracks for 2007.02 are (this is where your ideas need to be shoe-horned into, sort-of):

  • UI - ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, WinForms are all great candidates on this track.  This is probably even a good place for discussions of MVP, MVC, integration testing as it pertains to the UI, etc.
  • .NEXT - .NET 2.0 and VS 2005 are so yesterday's technology.  Here you might find sessions on .NET 3.0 and everything surrounding VS 2008 (maybe even info on source code for the framework libraries being released.)
  • DATA - Show me an application without data and I'll show you... well nothing, I might give you a cookie though.  Find it all here, Linq, ORM, SQL 2005 and 2008, ADO.NET, maybe even a bit of XML.
  • Office, etc. - It's almost as if you can't avoid seeing a job solicitation for someone that does Share Point, you could find out about it here, and lots of other interesting Office pieces like VSTO.
  • Lightning Talks - This is an idea that's gained popularity in the last few years, they called them Grok Talks at Tech Ed (apparently).  They're very quick, 5-10 minutes, about something you're crazy passionate about that we just have to know.

Those are just some loose ideas about what might make for interesting presentations.  WE WANT ALL YOUR IDEAS.  Head over to NoVa Code Camp and fill out the speaker document on this page.

NoVa Code Camp 2007.02 Call for Speakers

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