Preparing a Great WPF Presentation

Tim Sneath shows how:

A couple of months ago, I posted a couple of presentations on Silverlight, with the intention of making it easy for others to liberally borrow content for their own internal or external presentations on the subject. They seemed to go down pretty well if the number of blog post views is to be believed.

But in all the years I've been blogging about WPF, I've never posted a stock WPF presentation, and indeed, when I give a presentation on WPF, I very rarely show slides. The great thing about evangelizing a technology like WPF is that it really sells itself - you just have to show a few example applications like the New York Times Reader, the great sample apps from Thirteen23, Family.Show or the Scripps C-ME application, and people quickly get a sense of the kinds of application you can build.

Tim Sneath : The Zero-Effort Guide to Preparing a Great WPF Presentation