Reminder: TechDays DC Next Week

For folks who are not able to make it to PDC next week, fear not…there’s some good developer stuff for you, too, if you’re in the DC area. TechDays DC will be running October 28th-30th in Arlington, VA. Here’s the agenda:

Oct. 28th – WebDev Fundamentals – Moving Beyond ASP.NET

Topic 1: Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX
Topic 2: Introduction to Silverlight 2
Topic 3: Servers and Services for Web Developers

Oct. 29th – MSDN Event: Silverlight 2.0, SQL Server 2008, and VSTO

Topic 1: What’s New in SQL Server 2008 for Developers
Topic 2: Power up your Office applications with VSTO
Topic 3: Build next generation applications with Silverlight 2.0

Oct. 30th – A Day of REST with WCF, ADO.NET Data Services, and ASP.NET MVC

Topic 1: Implementing RESTful services with WCF 3.5
Topic 2: Exploring ADO.NET Data Services
Topic 3: Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

You can register for any of these events here.