Roanoke .NET User Group

Somewhat last minute, but I wanted to let folks know that I'll be presenting tonight, November 4th, at the Roanoke .NET User Group in Roanoke, Virginia tonight. I'll be sharing the duties with my local Developer Community Champion, Geoff Snowman, and we'll be discussing a variety of ASP.NET and security-related topics.

The meeting is held at the offices of Advanced Auto Parts at Crossroads Mall, and starts at 6pm. Directions:

  1. From I-581, take the Hershberger exit, towards Valley View Mall.
  2. You will cross over I-581 and Crossroads Mall will be on your left.
  3. Turn left at the light into Crossroads Mall.
  4. Facing the mall, you will see a BooksAMillion to your left with Circuit City and Blockbuster to your right.
  5. Turn right and go around the corner of the mall.  You should see a sign that says Advance Auto Parts Administrative Offices. Enter through the Advance Auto Parts doors, not the Mall entrance.

See you there!