Rock NUG

 Here's an announcement from Dean Fiala, who's one of the driving forces behind a new .NET user group in Rockville, MD...RockNUG. I'll be presenting on WPF at the first meeting, which will be on June 13th at the Rockville campus of Montgomery College, so don't miss it. I'll post directions as soon as I have them.

Rock NUG

Rock NUG is not a new class library, nor is it a dessert topping.  No, it is an embryonic .NET User Group that a few of us are trying to get up and running here in Rockville, MD.  We don't have a logo, or web site yet, but we do have a yahoo group to keep information flowing through the birthing process.
Jeffrey Schoolcraft beat me to the punch with his electronic announcement of the new group, but I did have flyers out at the code camp last week.  The first official meeting will be in June, but there will be a planning meeting next week.  If you are interested in anyway please sign up at the Rock NUG yahoo group.

Source: OOP - There It Is


Here's the information on the inaugural meeting:
Wednesday, June 13, 2007 6:30-9:00 PM
Montgomery College, Rockville
Humanities Building - Room 123