Silverlight DevCamp DC Update

Frank needs some input on the location of the upcoming Silverlight DevCamp in the DC area. So if you're thinking about attending the event, please give him your feedback on the location:

I've updated the Silverlight DevCamp DC page on the BarCamp Wiki.

For now, I will post updates there and cross post on this blog.

Location, Location, Location

We currently have the Microsoft office in Reston, which is a great facility for these types of events:  projectors, big rooms, ample parking, central location.

However, the one thing the Reston office lacks is a direct connection on the Metro.  At some point in the future, Reston will have a Metro stop. 

Maybe, in our lifetime, maybe not.

In any case, it's not going to get one by November 3rd.

This means, unless you drive there, the Reston facility is accessible via Bus and Metro.

My question to the Silverlight community, to both designers and developers: Is this a problem for you?

Please let me know and, if you've got a lead on some Metro-accessible space, let me know.

Silverlight DevCamp DC Update

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