Silverlight Enterprise Deployment Guide

Found via the Public Sector Developer blog, Tim Sneath points to a guide for those with questions about deploying Silverlight in the enterprise:

As more and more Silverlight sites become available, enterprise administrators are starting to ask for guidance on how Silverlight should be deployed in a corporate environment. Obviously, at one level it's as straightforward as executing the installer, but there are typically a whole ton of questions that need answering:

  • What files and registry keys does Silverlight install?
  • Will Silverlight break any existing applications?
  • What are the command-line switches to configure installation?
  • How do I deploy Silverlight through SMS or System Center?
  • How is Silverlight serviced and updated?
  • How do you configure Silverlight settings via Group Policy?

Fortunately, one of my colleagues, David Tesar has kindly come to the rescue and written a very comprehensive white paper that answers all these questions plus many more. The Silverlight Enterprise Deployment Guide is available for download now. We gave the white paper a trial run ourselves when Microsoft IT used SMS to deploy Silverlight internally. Download it and send it to your systems administrator today - it's worth their time to read.

Tim Sneath : Deploying Silverlight in the Enterprise

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