Snippet Editor and Hampton Roads SQL Server UG

I'm at least nominally on vacation, so I'm taking liberties and combining two blog posts into one...

Thanks to Jason Gaylord, I just found out that there's a downloadable Snippet Editor for Visual Studio 2005, Beta 2. Folks who've seen me demo VS 2005 know that the snippet feature is one of my favorites, as it allows you to easily create and share reusable chunks of code, including specifying replaceable sections, and automatically importing required namespaces. Very cool. I thought it was cool enough being able to edit the XML behind snippets in Visual Studio, complete with IntelliSense for the snippet schema. But it's even cooler to have the choice of using a GUI editor. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but when I do, I'll report back on what I think of it.

Also, I'm speaking tonight at the Hampton Roads SQL Server User Group tonight, at Electronic Systems, Inc. in Virginia Beach, VA. I'll be talking about building data-driven applications in ASP.NET 2.0, including using SQL Cache invalidation with SQL Server 2005 (something which my good pal Julie Lerman helped me to get working properly, since I was having issues due to the way I was forming my queries). Hopefully, I'll see lots of my SoVa readers tonight!