Stop Wasting Time Online / Wired How To's

For folks like myself whose work and life both largely revolve around the internet, this is a timely list of tips for taking control:

The Web is replacing the TV as the #1 time-thief in our lives. And, unlike the TV, the Web does not respect the boundaries of work. Thus the time you spend on the web "working" is inherently intertwined with the time you spend "playing." As you can tell from our How To: Traverse Corporate Firewalls wiki entry, this cause for excessive amounts of stress for everyone and particularly affects those who charge by the hour (and thus actually lose money to procrastination, in addition to less free time).

Here are a few tools that you can use to help the watchful eye of your employer relax a little, and maybe focus on someone else for a change.

Some may make more sense than others,  but you should peruse the list

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Stop Wasting Time Online / Wired How To's