Tech-Ed in the books (pretty much)

Only another hour or so left in Tech-Ed officially. I did my session on Developing with Least Privilege this morning at 9am. Good group, and remarkably wide awake, given that the attendee party at Universal Studios Orlando was last night. Thanks to all of you who attended.

It was a great week, but I'm definitely ready to be home. thing I noted in my talk this morning is that I got some good news yesterday during a session on client security improvements in Longhorn. Namely, that Fast User Switching (FUS), which is a pretty convenient way of allowing users to quickly switch to their admin account to take care of administrative tasks, without logging out completely and losing the context of what they're working on, will be enabled in Longhorn when connected to a domain. In Windows XP Professional, it is not possible to use FUS on a domain-connected machine, which is an unfortunate limitation, IMO, given the utility of FUS.