The Channel 9 Live GeekLympics at MIX10

One of the fun things about MIX10 this year was that the folks from Channel 9 were broadcasting live throughout the conference from The Commons:

Channel 9 Live Day 1

Channel 9 Live Day 2

One highlight of my time at MIX this year was getting the opportunity to compete in the Geeklympics on Channel 9 Live, a series of strange and sometimes obscure trivia questions hosted by Scott Hanselman, designed to test whether you’re smarter than the average MIX attendee. I was pitted, along with Phil Haack, against a diabolically smart guy affectionately nicknamed Dr. Steve.

As you’ll see in the video below (skip ahead to 05:06:00 for round 1, or 05:17:00 for the final round where I [and the ‘Stache] make my appearance), Phil and I got schooled pretty badly by Dr. Steve:

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the video seems to have gone missing. If I can find it again, I'll re-post.

But it was all for a good cause, namely humiliating Microsoft employees on live streamed TV. And it was fun. And there’s even a Chipotle reference in there for D’Arcy (05:25:50).