Troubleshooting/Workaround for SideShow on Momento

One issue I ran into with my Momento digital picture frame was that I was initially unable to get the Windows SideShow driver for the Momento to install successfully. While I believe this issue is likely to only affect a limited audience, if you run into the issue, it might be worth trying the troubleshooting and workaround steps below.

If you're experiencing problems with getting the Momento SideShow driver installed (wireless network must be configured on the device):

1. Navigate to Start > Network, locate the Momento icon, right-click it, and select Properties.

2. Note the IP Address assigned to the Momento device.

3. In the Internet Explorer address bar, type: "http://%3cipaddressofframe%3e:5120/upnp/device.xml", substituting the IP address from step 2 for <IPAddressOfFrame>. Note the values for the pnpx:X_compatibleId and pnpx:X_hardwareId nodes in the XML file.

4. If these entries begin with "LivingPicture_" rather than "Momento_", the entries do not match those that the Momento SideShow driver are looking for...see the next section for a workaround.


Steps to work around mismatched pnpx:X_compatibleId:

1. Make a backup copy of MomentoSSD.inf, and open the original in Notepad.

2. Replace instances of "Momento_PictureFrame" in MomentoSSD.inf with "LivingPicture_PictureFrame", or use my modified .inf.

3. Save MomentoSSD.inf.

4. Open Device Manager, and locate the "Digital Picture Frame" entry. Should be banged out, under the "Other Devices" node.

5. Right click the "Digital Picture Frame" entry, and select "Update Driver Software..."

6. Select "Browse my computer for driver software," browse to the location of the modified MomentoSSD.inf, and click Next.

7. If prompted that the driver is unsigned, select "Install this software anyway."

8. Once the driver has installed, open the SideShow control panel applet, and select the desired gadgets for the Momento SideShow Display.