Upcoming Events for August 26th, 2013

Here are the events listed in Community Megaphone for the next couple of weeks for the Mid-Atlantic area, as well as webcasts of interest:


August 2013 Meeting - Windows 8 Mashups
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 6:30 PM, White Marsh, MD
View August 2013 Meeting - Windows 8 Mashups on Bing Maps Speaker: Ben Davis

Topic: Windows 8 Mashups
Location:Red Brick Station

8149 Honeygo Blvd
White Marsh, MD 21236
Working with Bing Maps API and SharePoint

Online can be magical. Benjamin will show some of the magic that can be used to put together a Windows 8 app that can leverage the SharePoint online instance
included in Office 365 and the Bing Maps API and show off data in a meaningful way. Just going over the basics of SharePoint online authentication and using
the Bing maps API in and C#/XAML Windows 8 app.

Bio :
Benjamin Davis joins LCG Technologies as an application developer to primarily focus on the Microsoft Mobile strategy. With a growing knowledge of Microsoft technologies, Benjamin is not only helping to create LCG's presence in the Windows store but also help their clients with Microsoft centric mobile solutions. Prior to LCG, Benjamin studied computer science at Morgan State University and has worked independently on Windows phone applications.

Event venue: Red Brick Station
Hosted by: BaltoMSDN
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MongoDB and .NET
Tuesday, September 10, 2013 5:30 PM, Pittsburgh, PA
View MongoDB and .NET on Bing MapsMongoDB is an open-source NoSQL document database that combines the scalability, performance features of NoSQL databases with the ease of use features such as dynamic queries and indexes that are provided by traditional relational databases. The balanced approach of functionality vs. scalability has made MongoDB a leading database of choice for developing large-scale applications or developing small projects. MongoDB is a great fit for n-tiered JavaScript, JSON based web apps. As you can see when you query the internet "MongoDB is in the sweet spot of performance and features."

This talk introduces MongoDB by explaining its features and the environment used to do development in .NET. A quick overview will be given how the MongoDB document database is different than other types of NoSQL databases. Following this introduction we will discuss some specific use cases for MongoDB. One of the uses cases will use MongoDB's geospatial features. Another use case will include an n-tiered JavaScript, JSON based web app.

About Ed:
Ed Richer is a software engineer at Millennium Pharmacy Systems, and enjoys using MongoDB for C#, Java, Node.js JavaScript and python development. Ed completed 10gen MongoDB Developer and DBA certifications.

Sports update: Pirates are away, parking should be OK.

Event venue: Microsoft Corporation - Suite 202
Hosted by: Pittsburgh .NET User Group (PGHDOTNET)
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Entity Framework Code First Migrations - Shahed Chowdhuri
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 6:30 PM, Vienna, VA
View Entity Framework Code First Migrations - Shahed Chowdhuri on Bing Maps When modeling your data for an enterprise web application, you may have conflicts within your development team, with other development teams, and also with enterprise architects at your organization. With Code First Migrations, you will have the opportunity to get everyone on the same page by synchronizing your database across various environments.

Shahed Chowdhuri is a software professional in the DC Metro area. By day, he works for Excella Consulting, building enterprise web/software applications. In his spare time, he builds indie games and dev tools under the banner OnekSoft Games and OnekSoft Labs.

Event venue: AT&T Building
Hosted by: Capital Area .NET Users Group
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September 2013 :: Getting Started with Twitter Bootstrap
Tuesday, September 10, 2013 6:00 PM, Virginia Beach, VA
View September 2013 :: Getting Started with Twitter Bootstrap on Bing Maps Main Presentation: Getting Started with Twitter Bootstrap
Twitter Bootstrap is a very popular web UI framework that takes advantage of CSS Media Queries, JavaScript, and LESS. With Bootstrap, you can rapidly develop sites that are sleek, fluid, responsive, functional, and modern. In this session, we will explore the Bootstrap framework and build a site using some of the most common elements. Along the way we'll discuss Bootstrap's two Grid systems, styling, controls, modules, and more.

Event venue: InfoTec
Hosted by: Hampton Roads .NET Users Group
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