| Halo 3 Special Edition Console

OK, this almost makes me glad that I haven't picked up an XBOX 360 Elite yet:

In anticipation of this year's largest blockbuster game launch, Microsoft will offer the Xbox 360™ Halo® 3 Special Edition Console in September 2007. The console features an exclusive "Spartan green and gold" finish and comes bundled with a matching Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, 20GB Hard Drive, Headset, Play & Charge Kit, and exclusive Halo 3 Gamer Pics and Theme (available via Xbox LIVE® download). 

I have to admit to being puzzled by why we're only including a 20GB hard drive. I guess maybe that'll help keep the cost down, and since the 120GB hard drive is available as an accessory, folks can still get that if they want it. The new console does have the HDMI port that was added with the Elite version of the 360, which is why I've been seriously considering the Elite vs. just getting the larger HD for my existing 360. | Halo 3 Special Edition Console