Bill Gates: Transitioning into the Future - (Channel 9 Interview)


I actually got a chance to present to the Bill Gates for several hours on Real Time Collaboration (RTC) day back in April 2002. I was busy creating the MSDN Webcast program in the CMG/ US BMO under Jon Roskill.

Years later in 2005, I even accidentally tripped him (my apologies to Bill again) while he went to give the key note at the first ever Office Developer Conference in 2005 here in Redmond, WA. I was there to webcast him on my MSDN Webcasts show. I was hiding in the dark corner that day as I was wearing my special pressed starched pants that was too short and wouldn't zip up completely (I had gained weight, any my pants shrunk). Bill came by when they announced him and he tripped over my (short) legs when I was sitting in a chair by the door as he walked in. Bill was surprisingly agile as he caught himself on some microphone stands, and kept going up the steps to the stage.  He gave a great key note to thundering applause and I got to keep my job that day. whew.

Anyway, check out Bill's last Channel 9 Interview.

One of the questions he answers is, "What's top of mind for Bill that Developers who target our platform should pay attention to now and in the next decade?"

It's good stuff. Thank you Bill for all you've done for the technology industry, and for your larger than life humanitarian efforts and generosity.