SDL Pro Network Security Tools category and new members

Our second announcement is the expansion of the SDL Pro Network to include a new category of membership, Tools, which will complement the existing Consulting and Training categories. Tools member organizations are able to deploy security tools such as static analysis tools, fuzzers, or dynamic and binary analysis tools. Security tooling is a critical piece of the SDL and we’re excited to have this new Pro Network category to help organizations use their tools and their time more effectively.

We’re also announcing an expansion of the Pro Network to include seven new members:

· Fortify (Tool Member)

· Veracode (Tool Member)

· Codenomicon (Tool Member)

· Booz-Allen Hamilton (Consulting Member)

· Casaba Security (Consulting Member)

· Consult2Comply (Consulting Member)

· Safelight Security Advisors (Training Member)

We welcome our new members and hope you will consider them or our other Pro Network members for your security training, consulting, and tooling needs.