Permissions Changes in Exchange 2003 Post SP2

Under the heading of: "You may already be aware of this, but we wanted to make sure..."

Some of our customers are having issues with permissions since they have upgraded to Exchange 2003 SP2 and a hotfix that makes the store.exe version 7650.23 or higher. I wanted to make sure that you were aware of some resources that are available to help you, in case you run across this.

What is the issue? The introduction here explains it well:

"In the past, additional accounts could be granted the "Full Mailbox Access" permission to a mailbox and these accounts could then send mail as the mailbox owner. From now on, the "Send As" permission must be explicitly granted to additional accounts or they will not be able to send mail as the mailbox owner. "

We recently updated the KB article that addresses this issue.

In the KB article we now include a script that will let you know which accounts in the organization have "Full Mailbox Access" permissions, but not "Send As" permissions.

The script has three modes:

  1. Export – this tell you the accounts that have "Full Mailbox Access", but not "Send As" permissions.
  2. Import – This allows you to modify a list so that certain accounts that have "Full Mailbox Access" will get "Send As" permissions as well.
  3. SetAll – This automatically sets all accounts with "Full Mailbox Access" to have "Send As" permissions as well.

Now you know... Again... :)

Update: Post SP2 hotfix and formatting.