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The current economic situation leaves many people wondering about their careers and future job prospects.  The IT industry is not immune to these conditions.  We all face many challenges and decisions in the months ahead on how to best position ourselves for success.  Microsoft Learning is ready to help, here’s how.

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In the real world, you might need more than one chance at certification. With Second Shot, if you do not pass any IT professional, developer, or project manager certification exam on your first try, you can retake the exam without an additional cost.

Register for Second Shot and take advantage of our Career Assist Package—which means you can get any Microsoft E-Learning collection for just US$35.

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Career Assist Package: Register for Second Shot and get any Microsoft E-learning collection for just US$35.

Until June 30, 2009, as a part of Second Shot, we are offering a Career Assist Package. Along with enjoying the benefits of Second Shot, you can access a collection of Microsoft E-Learning courses, which provide 8 to 20 hours of on-line instructional content to help you master a product and prepare for a certification.

Normally priced up to US$350, these e-learning collections are just US$35 when you register for Second Shot. Limit one per customer.

Note For this promotional offer, once you have activated the discounted e-learning collection it will only be available for 90 days.

In today's challenging economic times, how do you stand out from the crowd, stay up to date with relevant technologies, and get the top jobs? Becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) is a great start.

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Why get certified?

Microsoft Certifications not only recognize and validate your real-world IT skills, but they also grow your skill, expand your knowledge, and increase your career opportunities. Now, more than ever, a certification can help you obtain a new job and differentiate yourself from other IT professionals and developers.

Plus, you can have the opportunity to join and connect with a worldwide community of Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Certifications are available for nearly every Microsoft application for IT professionals, developers, office workers, home users, and technology trainers.

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