Moving On

So, after ~ two years as the Certification Product Planner, in typical Microsoft fashion, it’s time to look at my next career move.  I have enjoyed planning the developer and SQL focused certification plans over the past couple of years but I am missing the software engineering world a bit.   As a result, I will be moving into a Program Management role in Microsoft Learning.  This will help me remain in touch with some of the skills that have been stagnating lately.

I realized that there has been sparse postings here lately too.  Mostly because things are quiet in the dev cert world right now.  We’re in between releases of .NET and Visual Studio.  SQL certs are being formulated now for the next release of SQL Server.  We’re hosting a focus group in December on the BI track for some job role analysis around SQL BI.  As a result, look to see some changes in the SQL cert landscape coming.  I will still play a part in the design and review of what that looks like.

We are also working on the transitions plans as I move to my new role so cert related traffic on this blog will likely not include anything new.

For information on beta exams please make sure you book mark the Beta Exam blog,

Also, for other updates, tune in to the Born to Learn blog as well.

It’s been a slice, but it’s time for a new pie.

All the best to you and I hope to still have a chance to interact with and meet you all again at some point.