.NET Foundation Courses Coming to ILT

Originally created only for eLearning, we are now in the final stages of getting and instructor led version of 2956 out the door.  This is good news for those who prefer their training in a classroom environment.

2956 is the the course to use for preparing to take Microsoft exam 70-536.  This exam is the core requirement for all the new developer certification on the .NET platform. 

This course contains enough material that it could not be delivered in a single 5 day session so it will be split into two series, 2956 and 2957.  2956 will offer the core or "basic" understanding of the various components of the .NET framework such as base classes, generics, collections etc.  2957 will form part of the "advanced" areas for this exam such as threading.

Check with your local Microsoft official learning provider for when this course will be available.