No More C++ on .NET Exams

This is likely not the best way to communicate this but.....

We have gone back and taken a look at the exam deliveries based on programming language choice and discovered, maybe not too surprisingly, that there is an exceptionally small number of .NET exams that are taken in C++.  For one of the exams, the number slips my mind at this time, we had a grand total of 3 deliveries compared to thousands in VB and C#.

This is showing a trend as well that C++ development is still focusing mainly on native development.  Microsoft is not supporting WPF and WF fully with C++ either.

As a result, moving forward, we will not include C++ as a langage choice on .NET managed code exams.  C++ will be available as an option on 70-503 and 70-504, but the rest of the .NET exams will not be converted to C++.

Now, for those C++ developers out there who want a Microsoft certification, wait, did I hear one? :-)  I have been thinking about a certification for C++ devs but we need to research the market further, see what it should look like, who it targets, is it Microsoft specific or is it ANSI, that latter I assume.  But if it is ANSI, are we the right people to create that certification?

As you can see, lots of initial questions from my fuzzy brain, with no answers yet.

It's fuzzy due to lack of sleep and too much work.  All self inflicted.  I just completed a research paper for my University course that was Security in Modern Operating Systems: A Comparison, where I compared, at a somewhat low level, the authentication and authorization mechanisms in Windows and Linux.  Was only supposed to be 15 pages but I got carried away and had 20 pages.  Oops.  At least I got a 90% on it.  Yay!!

Then, at the same time, I am refreshing our eClinics on WPF, WCF and WF.  Yes thats right, you can see my mugshot in these when they release and watch me blunder my way through demos in them.  They are due before end of Feb BTW.  :-)

Oh, and studying for my course final, due on two weeks. 

Learning some Alternative Rock music on guitar so I can accompany my son who is learning to play bass. (I use to play rythm guitar and sing in a country band so you can see how much time I have to devote to this).

But enough of my fuzzy brain and all that is in it.

You comments and suggestions around C++ are most welcome as always.