Toshiba's Bluetooth Stack on the Portege M200

Ok, for no reason at all, today my Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 appeared to stop working.  This is a major catasophre for me because I hate touchpads.  The mouse has been working great for quite some time albeit, the last couple of days I noticed some funky things like scrolling without me even touching the wheel.  I chalked it up to dead batteries and proceded to replace them.

With the new batteries installed, I go into Bluetooth devices, select Add a new device, (for some reason I removed it previously which wasn't a good idea), and then turned on the "discover me" function on the mouse.

After searching for a few seconds, up pops my mouse, along with all the devices such as phones, hands-free, laptops etc. from the people in the meeting room next to my office.  (I was tempted to see which were secured and which weren't but, I work at Microsoft, surely we all secure our Bluetooth devices.  Right?).

At any rate, it appeared to have found my mouse.  I selected it from the list, chose not to use a passkey and finished the process.  Result?  Mouse doesn't work still and the green and red lights are still alternating. (That is the sign that it is in "discover me" mode.)  Weird.  It found it, recognized it but no mouse action.

So, wanting to know if it is the mouse or not, I plug the USB dongle that comes with the mouse, into a USB port.  Vista says it found a new device, installs the drivers and tells me it's ready to use.  I push the little connect button on the dongle and immediately it tells me the mouse is connected.  I move the mouse, yay, I have cursor movement.  So, it's not the mouse after all.

I unplug the USB dongle and try to connect the mouse again.  Still no luck.

I want to use the built in BT stack because I use a USB drive for ReadyBoost and two devices won't fit side-by-side in the docking station. Oh well, more play time on the weekend I guess.