Zune Not Playing Media

So, I took my Zune out today so that I could listen to music while I worked.  It has been in my backpack for a couple of days now.

This is the original 30GB Zune model and it has worked exceptionally well since I have had it.  I installed the new desktop software the other day and as a result, my next sync told me there was a new firmware update for my Zune.   No big news as we knew it was ready and I had just gotten around to installing it.

For what it's worth, I liked the old desktop software better, but I do I like the new UI on the Zune itself.

Well, the unit has been working well since I installed the new firmware with the exception of today.  I guess it started as a result of the battery going dead, or what I thought was a dead battery.

When I turned the unit on, I got this wonderful black and white icon that indicated to me there was a problem.  What the problem was, I had no idea.  I assumed it meant "you have a dead battery moron, please recharge".  So, I plugged in the USB cable and noticed another icon, slightly different and sideways this time.  Interesting, but still no idea as to what it means.

After about a minute or so, I finally see the UI for the player and I think things are okey dokey.  Not so.  When I try to play music, it shuts off and I see the icon again.  I say to myself, "self, let it charge".  And I do.

Off an on through the whole charging cycle, the unit turns on and then off, messes with the desktop software as it wants to sync each time.  I also notice about 5 minutes later that it is staying on now and showing my battery at about 2/3 charged.  NOT!

I couldn't get it to play anything at all plugged in, so I unplugged the USB cable and started to play some music.  It lasted about 2 songs and told me my battery was low.  Ok, so I let it charge now for the better part of an hour, then unplugged it and headed for home.

I plugged it back in at home to complete the charge cycle and then tried to play some music.  I could highlight my playlists, songs, videos etc, but pressing play, did absolutely nothing except make the screen flicker.  Nothing would play.

I started a search on zune.net for similar issues and found nothing close in my initial searches so I started to blame the firmware upgrade.  As a result, I found an entry to reset your software and thought I might try that.  I missed the second step somehow and only managed to get step one complete.  As luck would have it, that fixed my problem.

So, pressing the back button and up on the Zune pad at the same time was step one but also seems to be the button combo to perform a "reboot" or at least a soft reset of the device.  The second step was to immediately hold the left key and Ok button to restore the software.  I never made it that far but at any rate, the reset worked and my Zune is now functioning again.