2-Day DataDude Workshop

On June 11 and 12, I will be giving a 2-day Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals workshop in the Netherlands. The events will be hosted by Class-A, see Anko Duizer his blog post announcing the event.

The agenda for the 2-day workshop looks like this:

  1. Architecture Overview
    1. Parsing and Interpreting Schema Objects
    2. The role of the Design Validation Database
  2. Setup
    1. System requirements
    2. Installing Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals
  3. Creating a database projects
    1. Understanding project settings
    2. Importing a schema
    3. Importing scripts
    4. Pre and Post Deployment Scripts
    5. Examining the physical project structure
  4. Database Schema Versioning
    1. Adding the project to Source Code Control
    2. Using SCC version labeling
    3. Database and object version stamping
    4. Validating and comparing schema objects
  5. Building database projects
    1. Building database projects
    2. Understanding the difference based build engine
    3. Building from the command line using MSBuild
    4. Using TeamBuild
  6. Changing Schema Objects
    1. Adding, updating and deleting schema objects
    2. Using refactoring
    3. Using external tools to update your schema
    4. Comparing the project
    5. Propagating external schema changes in to the project
    6. Creating your own templates
  7. Deploying database projects
    1. Deploying database projects
    2. Deploying from the command line using MSBuild
    3. Pre-processing build scripts
    4. Deployed using other SQL execution engines
  8. Testing Databases
    1. Creating a Database Unit Test project
    2. Creating Unit Tests
      1. Test initialization
      2. T-SQL unit tests
      3. .NET unit tests
      4. Test validation
    3. Creating Test Data
      1. Designing the test data
      2. Populating test data
    4. Executing unit tests as part of TeamBuild
    5. Unit testing specials
      1. Negative testing
      2. Using transactions
      3. Data Driven Testing
  9. MSF integration
    1. Installing the MSF extensions
    2. Database specific roles, work streams and items
  10. Customizing and extending the system
    1. Creating data generators
    2. Creating data distributions
    3. Creating test conditions
    4. Deploying extensions
    5. Using the schema API

Each subject will be accompanied with hands-on labs and exercises that you will perform on your own virtual Team Foundation installation.