Agile Database Techniques

I am happy to announce that there is a new class dedicated to VSDB. “Agile Database Techniques”, is a 3-days course that provides students with the knowledge and skills to properly manage the SQL Server database development lifecycle in an agile environment. You will learn how to manage changes to the database structure, ensuring quality through T-SQL unit testing, and how to automate the building and deploying of SQL Server databases. Intended for developers and administrators already comfortable with the concepts of designing, programming, testing, and deploying SQL Server databases, this course focuses on using Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition to maximize productivity while minimizing mistakes.

The dates and locations for the first 3 events are:

  • Aug 5-7, 2009, Atlanta, GA
  • Aug 24-26, 2009, Seattle, WA
  • Sep 7-9, 2009, Chicago, IL

The class will be taught by Richard Hundhausen, who is a Visual Studio Team System MVP and has been following the VSDB developments from day one.

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