SQL Connections 2007

Like every DevConnections conference for the last 6 years, I will be there presenting on a combination of SQL Server and Visual Studio for Database Professionals topics. On November 5th I will be hosting a full day workshop on DataDude (aka Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals). After that I will be presenting on four completely different SQL Server 2005 topics that are very dear to my hart: SQL-CLR, I/O design, SQL Server Memory Management and how to manage SQL Server using Power Shell.

Full Day Workshop

SPR302: Control Your SQL Server Development (11/5/2007 9:00AM - 4:00PM)

This workshop will jump start you into using "Visual Studio for Database Professionals." Having control over your SQL Server development environment is the first step to better quality, easier deployment, and reducing the complexity and risk involved in changing and deploying the SQL Server data tier changes which are needed by your applications. Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals can help you apply structure to your schema development, organization, versioning and deployment. Learn how you can manage your database schema; enable team development; integrate the data tier into the overall development lifecycle, and stimulate the collaboration between disciplines. Get answers to questions like: How does SQL Server server-side development fit in to the overall development lifecycle? How do you use version control with your SQL Server schema objects? How do you incrementally deploy schema changes? How do you create a test environment?



Breakout Sessions

SDV354: Best Practices in Developing SQL-CLR Objects

Are you afraid to use SQL-CLR objects? This session will introduce you to best practices and do’s and don’ts of using SQL-CLR objects. Stop being afraid. Being educated about how SQL-CLR objects behave inside SQL Server is your best line of defense.

SDB358: SQL Server Database Strategies: Physical Database Design for Performance and Availability

Do you know how to get the best out of your disk subsystem? File creation and recreation are crucial when you need to recover your database; file and object placement also have an influence on the performance of your overall system. This session will introduce you to the main aspects you need to know about the SQL Server I/O architecture in order to optimize your file usage of performance and increase your availability.

SDV355: Power to the Command Line

Manage your SQL Server installations from your command line using Microsoft PowerShell. Learn how to leverage the new PowerShell script shell in combination with the SQL Server PowerShell provider and CmdLets to manage your SQL Server environments from within a flexible and powerful scripting environment. If you have a need to automate your SQL Server management tasks, PowerShell is your new friend!

SDB352: Memory Management - Do You Have Enough and Are You Using It Effectively?

Can you ever have enough memory? To answer this question you first have to learn how SQL Server uses your memory and how your process platform (x32, x64 or ia64) influences the of memory. After this session you will be able to determine if you have enough, what is using the memory inside your system, and how to troubleshoot memory bottlenecks.


Off course there are many more great speakers covering awesome topics, so I guarantee you it will be worth your time. I hope to see you in Las Vegas,
"DataDude" Software Architect