A fresh start...

After almost 1 year since my first post (and only a very abysmal 3 posts overall) I decided to have a fresh start at blogging...

I could say that in my current role in the Longhorn Server evangelism I could not disclose any "secrets" and this was the reason I stayed quiet... but this would be too easy; yes there are things that are not ready for prime time yet, but there are many things I could have engaged in a conversation on.

I could say that I am very busy and finding time to blog is too hard, but how could I defend that when vic my GM is actually finding time to blog or when scobleizer (whose office is across the wall from mine) is averaging tens of post a day.

No, the reason I was not posting was simply "discipline"; discipline to allow a few hours a week for this very enriching experience that blogging is.

So, let's hope this second attempt will be the good one... I am not quite sure what the specifics topics/categories will be, but expect posts on connected systems architecture (a term I much prefer to SOA); Longhorn Server specially post PDC; and of course the random thoughts and linkbacks to fellow bloggers. 

For those of you going to TechEd, see you in Orlando (my sessions are SVR205 and ARC 315); for the others, see you on the blogosphere