Am I the only one preferring to go after the causes rather than the symptoms?

Fixing the cause and not the symptom seems a no-brainer to me but when I read this pillPill to make dieters 'feel full' I sometime wonder.












This reminded me of the commercials that I found very surprising the first few months I moved to the USA about heartburns (I actually still find them bizarre, but I got use to them now). The commercials are not saying, stop eating all this junk/spicy/too much food, they are saying keep doing whatever crap you are doing, but just pop a pill first or after (based on the brand) and you'll be fine.

The equivalent of this in the software industry would be: "don't worry about your architecture, just add more memory" :)


My good buddy Vittorio a.k.a. the Cardspace philosopher and apparently now Chinese star, although agreeing in principle, reminded me that sometime the causes are not curable (e.g. some viral infections, migraines, genetic related diseases) and the symptoms are the only things you can try to cure.