Cloud Services Architecture symposium

As indicated in various press articles and blog entries in the recent weeks, PDC will be Microsoft's 'coming out' party for its cloud services platform.

These additional platform assets will create a vast array of new possibilities, but at the same time introduce new architectural elements that architects and developers will have to master. Remember there is no such thing as a free lunch or as economists would say, there is an opportunity cost. (I know there aren't many credible economists left around here these days but some of their jargon is still applicable, especially in software architecture where we don't have things like credit default swaps...)

Anyway, going back to Microsoft and the cloud computing platform, my team along with many of our colleagues are putting together a cloud services architecture symposium on Day 4 of PDC. Titled Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground, this symposium will take an enthusiastic yet pragmatic look at the cloud opportunities. We will explore a few examples of cloud-based infrastructure usage as part of an existing application, we will discuss the architectural tradeoffs as well as best practices resulting from that usage. We will also walk through detailed examples of ‘enterprise grade’ hosted application design. And finally we will go through emerging patterns that take into account the physical aspects of a cloud-based application that are often overlooked, such as bandwidth which happens to be not infinite and certainly not free at high scale.

We believe it will be a good show packed with relevant and actionable guidance, so if you have not registered yet, here is the registration link, if you are coming, I will be looking forward to seeing on day 4 at the symposium.

As teasers, a couple of slides we are working on for the event.




PDC is of course much much more than this symposium, with exec keynotes, demos, a few hundred sessions, if you want to see what will be presented have a look at sessions page and/or subscribe to the announcement blog

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