FYI: my LinkedIn contact

In the last couple of weeks, I finally decided to create an account on Facebook and LinkedIn. (I know, many of you must think that I am almost a Luddite for doing so only now)

Anyway, as one would expect, I went through (and still going through actually) my old schools networks, my current and past jobs contacts etc... but I realized that a lot of the people I would like to connect with are the readers of my blog. The reason is very simple, over the past couple of years, many of the comments, questions, feedback I received through this blog led to great "offline" conversations. However, once the conversation ended, I lost touch with the brilliant mind (or minds) involved in these cyber-discussions. What a shame!

So, for those of you who want to keep in touch here is my contact on LinkedIn:

View gianpaolo carraro's profile on LinkedIn

I am also on Facebook, but as many, I use Facebook for more personal associations. So I will be a bit more selective on the Facebook requests. 

Looking forward to be "connected"

Happy New Year