gianpaolo's blog: take 3

After going public on July 12 2004 and a fresh start on June 1 2005 which did not last long, here is my 3rd attempt to start a blog.

What was the trigger? 3 things actually:


(a) Classical, late night, New Year resolution type of thinking. Resolution #7: (re)start my blog (but this is not the main factor).


(b) I now understand the value of blogging (sorry that it took me so long). In my 18 months of blogging (or more accurately lack thereof), I learned a lot about it. I initially saw it mainly as a tool of self publicity and therefore did not find it very motivating, but in the last few months I realized the amazing conversations that take place via blogs. I saw first hands how Scoble is literally engaging with 100s if not 1000s of fellow bloggers, the impact he has on changing their perceptions of Microsoft and how much he is learning from it; I also saw how Kim has refined his ideas of digital identity through his blog conversation; and many others. A (good) blog is far from being a tool of self promotion, it is truly a channel of learning and interaction. That is much more motivating and actually a bit foolish (now I realize) not to take advantage of this channel.


(c) I believe I have something to contribute and definitively a lot to learn. About a month ago, I moved to the architecture strategy team leading the solutions architecture team. Through this blog I want to share some of my thinking around solutions architecture, ranging from more “classical” SOA and related acronyms, to the impact of Web 2.0 on solutions architecture, passing by concepts such as software as a service and software factories. But more importantly, through this blog I want to learn your view about these topics and tap into the blogosphere intellect. I count on you to tell me when I make no sense and also when you think I hit the nail on the head.


Really looking forward to engaging with many of you