is there a "long tail" in solutions architecture?

It’s time to care about the Fortune 5,000,000. I did not come up with it, I read it here as part of my mini-thinkweek

Solutions architecture is often complex, it addresses the building of complex applications, Global 1000 companies spend huge bucks on solutions and infrastructure architecture, architectural frameworks, best practices, patterns and of course architects. I am not challenging that; I believe with all my brain cells that it is very important for them to do that (I would even say that in many cases they are not investing enough on architecture when compared to the complexity of the solutions they want to build) 

But what about the little guys? The "infinite" number of 1-10 people companies, the Fortune 5,000,000 as elegantly written in the post. What does architecture mean to them? Should it mean anything to them? To use a trendy word these days, is there a "long tail" in solutions architecture?

Right now, I don't know. But this goes straight in my TTA (To Think About) list.

Anybody's been thinking about this?