Michel-as-a-Service shares his thoughts and experiences

My colleague Michel Baladi (a.k.a. Michel-as-a-Service) has been spending a lot of time with ISVs and hosters in Europe. He is now sharing his thoughts and experiences  here and follow up posts. 


In Michel's words:

In a series of blog posts over the next 1-2 weeks, I will go through some initial thoughts, my findings from the engagements and the six main scenarios we ended up implementing in the joint lab:

1. Defining the application platform run-time instances and its capabilities

2. Defining the application meta data and adding a new ISV (or platform tenant) and its application and modules (or just “software items”) to an new or existing platform run-time instance

3. Managing the re-sellers hosting plans in the store front to include software items from the new application

4. Order fulfillment and order management in the store front and provisioning for new application tenants (subscribe)

5. Usage metering and billing for the application tenants

6. Accessing the application with web single sign-on and federated web single sign-on