PDC is over, it was awesome! Now, off to Sydney

What a week at the PDC!

With the CTP release Azure Services Platform I don't think that anyone is doubting anymore about Microsoft ability to understand and execute on "the cloud". But PDC was not only about the cloud, there was tons of stuff on the "this side of the cloud" i.e. the client with for example the first comprehensive public demo of Windows 7 and Office Web Applications.

(For those of you who were not in Los Angeles this week all of the sessions are available for download on channel 9)

But of course, what makes PDC special is the people. The reactions and feedback I heard from attendees were fantastic. A couple of my favorite quotes were: "I think I might buy some Microsoft shares again" and "Microsoft is back baby... Hey mr Google, bring it on" :)


But no time to rest, tomorrow I'm off to a great event in Sydney, share some love with the developer community there. Let's see if Steve Ballmer who is doing the opening keynote at the event will do his (now legendary) "developer, developer, developer..." chant

Speaking of Sydney, a couple of days ago at the PDC, I had a great chat with Michael "the delicate genius" Kordahi. After a few minutes he pulled his camera and made a 4 minutes impromptu interview.